Expect The Best

Expect the best results when you Receive an Energy Cleansing. A COURTNEYES Energy Cleansing will exceed your expectations. Your manifestation is guaranteed. You will be Guided to your manifestations through the Synchronicities you Receive. As your journey progresses your expectancy and your happiness will increase. It is your responsibility to maintain your high expectancy and therefore your happiness. The way you feel when your focused on your intention is your expectation of you obtaining your manifestation. When your focused on your manifestation the feeling you should have is a knowing that your manifestation will soon be in your life, a high expectancy. An Energy Cleansing gives you a high expectancy and a knowing that you are going to receive what you are wanting. One of the purposes of Energy Cleansing is to remove all doubt from you regarding the obtainment of your manifestations. An Energy Cleansing removes any doubt you may have about receiving your manifestations. When your intention or idea is formed do not put your attention on the process of obtaining your manifestation and the difficulty of your current situation. What you’re observing about your life can make receiving your manifestations appear to be difficult. What’s going wrong should never take priority in your mind because it doesn’t matter. Focusing on what is going wrong keeps you in an attitude of complaint and at a low expectancy. Your current reality, no matter how difficult, has no relevance to you and does not determine if you’re going to receive what you’re wanting. Your manifestation is always guaranteed. The first Synchronicity you will Receive will tell you your going to receive your manifestation. You will be extremely happy with how your life is orchestrated as your intention materializes and your guiding points manifest.